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Joyous Jayden

Age: 3-8

Focus: Confidence, Good Choices, Rejection, Acceptance

Intent: Recognize and reject temptations that lead to addiction

I am Fixed

Age: 10-18

Focus: Substance abuse, Addictions, Alcohol, Personal Growth, Self-Esteem

Intent: Assisting children to seek assistance resulting in a feeling of safety and control

Little House

Age: 6-12

Focus: Hope, Drugs, Family, TLC

Intent: A tool to help discuss choices and consequences-especially in the areas of drug abuse


Age: 5-12

Focus: Fairy Tales, Action and Adventure, Survival Stories, Myths, Fables

Intent: Empowering children to be prepared to fight the dragon of addiction


Age: 3-12

Focus: Danger, Bunny, Friendship, Addiction, Intervention

Intent: Introduction for children to understand the dangers of drugs and their negative consequences

Choose Life

Age Range: 8-18

Focus: Addiction, Fun, Courage, Alcohol, Wisdom

Intent: Educate youth on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse

Maddies Choice


Focus: Addiction, Fun, Wisdom, Courage, Alcohol

Intent: Education about making healthy choices early in life

When We Were Witches

Age: 4-12

Focus: Direction, Family, Addiction

Intent: Written to help parents and grandparents provide direction to kids

Billy The Bully 2

Age Range- 2-12

Focus: Bullying, Courage, Fun, Wisdom

Intent: Prevent aggressive behavior and encourage there is hope


Age: 2-12

Focus: Fantasy, Adventure, Family, Fun, Imagination, Drug Abuse, Peer Pressure

Intent: Providing lessons on obedience, forgiveness and the value of making good choices

The DragonSlayer’s Club

Age: 8-18

Focus: Support Groups, Prevention, Addiction, Drugs, Counseling

Intent: Fact-Based Story of how student found help and hope

Trouble Comes to Cattail Island

Age: 5-12

Focus: Survival Stories, Drugs, Alcohol, Social Struggles

Intent: Teaches a lesson on the dangers of substance abuse in an exceptionally creative way

Jenny's Journey

Age: 10-18

Focus: Addiction, Drugs, Alcohol

Intent: How to navigate through peer pressure, making good choices, and using good coping skills

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