Offering Hope & Help to Kids

Building Awareness for Children

Over 25 years ago, we started counseling addicts who had been incarcerated due to their addiction-related crimes.  We soon discovered there was an entire new class of victims being created through this terrible disease of addiction: they are our children.  

Left out of the picture, not understanding why, how, where or when they might ever see their parents again, these children are being thrust into the turbulence of growing up in a totally dysfunctional world.  

They need direction … They need help! 

We realize that children are being exposed to addictive substances at younger ages each year.  Our goal is to prevent addiction by creating awareness and crafting stories and images that are fun as well as educational.  If we can save a single child from destroying his or her life, we will consider our efforts a success.

The WingMan Book Program is dedicated to educating children of all ages about the hazards of addiction and addictive behavior.  

Preventing Child Neglect

Parental drug-usage often leads to child neglect. When the mother is addicted to drugs or alcohol, this often has a devastating impact on her children. Often, aging grandparents have the task of raising the children of the addicted mother.

WingMan Book Program

Born out of the idea, “it is easier to stop if you never start,” joined with several authors to create the award-winning WingMan children’s book program.  This program helps children of all ages recognize and deal with the negative impact of addictive substances and other obstacles while growing up.

The first 13 books in the collection (six of which are also available in Spanish) are written for various age ranges between 2 and 18.  They focus on building confidence & self-esteem, making good choices, having courage and gaining wisdom.

For younger age groups, they show children how to recognize and reject temptations that lead to addiction.
For older age groups, they provide guidance for how to navigate peer pressure and to seek assistance when needed.

WingMan Coloring Books

Interaction with the WingMan coloring books makes children smile while teaching them to make healthy decisions. 

Curriculum and Lesson Plans

The WingMan Book Program includes tools to help make it easy for everyone to educate today’s youth. These can be used for independent study, and both small and large group activities.